Thursday 14 December 2017

Garden gifts for the tool shed (1), Husqvarna hedge trimmer

Something useful for the garden
Husqvarna hedge trimmer
Some of my pictures will be somewhat frivolous
Over six days before Christmas I make some suggestions. They are tools that I regularly use. I cannot claim that there are not better ones and if you have your own personal favourite tools please let me know

Husqvarna Hedge Trimmers Hedge Size 122HD60 Nitro 22 CC
It did not start well when I upgraded to a brand new  professional-standard trimmer! Unlike Peter’s older model which has purred away for twenty years mine kept choking out on its second outing and on the third failed to start!
The manufacturer must have had a duff supplier of the soft tubes that suck up the petrol from its tank. Investigation showed them to be disintegrating and clogging the system. At no cost (but considerable bother) to me the internet supplier took it back and cleared out the system. The idiot did not correct the cause.
Fortunately handyman Chris is a whiz with machinery and mechanically blowed out the garbage and for ten pence worth of new tube cured the problem. Talk about spoiling the ship for a h’peth of tar.

This year I am shredding down almost all my perennials this way  
I have only forgiven husqvarna after three years of use. It is not too heavy, starts first time (after a little practice) and cuts all I need. I use it to cut back my herbaceous perennials usually shredding as I go, cut hedges and generally ‘rough prune’. It’s a long time now since I cut electric cables with abandon although I do understand modern batteries are much improved and my ‘helpers’ - who are now taking over in Bolton Percy cemetery cut the hedge the electric way.

Job done

From the ridiculous to the sublime (credit Country Life)
Personal note. My father-in-law was butler at Cirencester Park and fifty years ago my family spent a dozen Christmases behind this hedge. They used to use a ladder

Husqvarna Hedge Trimmers Hedge Size 122HD60 Nitro 22 
It might be best to buy from a local supplier for just under £200

I tracked this internet source It's not where I bought mine!

I write about reducing maintenance of herbaceous borders


  1. Martyn uses a rechargeable battery option. It has a main handle to which you can attach various heads e.g. moms chainsaw, hedge trimmers etc

  2. My Dad is, sadly, not as well as we'd like him to be and he has not been able to keep up with the garden this past year. So, for the first time in a long time, he won't get anything garden-related for Christmas; maybe my parents will have to give up the garden (it's an allotment) soon.

    1. It must be awful to give up a garden. My years are advancing and I dread that time and am alert to what might make my gardening easier. I expect your dad has already stopped digging?

    2. He has not done much - if any - digging in a long time, Roger. For some of the heavier work, the other allotment owners have been helping him, but some of them are getting on in years, too, and this summer, two have already given up their gardens.

  3. Replies
    1. Hello Loose ad Leafy! I was born next door in Huddersfield


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