Monday 20 April 2015

Blogger Page Views milestone for the No Dig Gardener!

Roger has a little Google Page View counter on the No Dig Gardener blog, just as an indicator for him to see if he gets any visitors. He is quite obsessed with both the counter and Google Analytics!

First, let me apologise to all the gardeners who read Roger’s blog. This post is not about gardening, although I’m sure all you other bloggers out there will understand.

I’m Cathi – Roger’s neighbor and long-suffering resident blog adviser! Roger is away on one of his jaunts to see family in France at the moment, and all the excitement has happened in his absence. He’ll be so disappointed!

The Page View counter reached half a million on Sunday morning!

Reaching the half a million page view mark

That is 500 000 pages looked at! His very first blog was published 26th June 2012. I find it more than a little amusing that the no dig gardener’s half million was reached on 19th April 2015 with this active pagewhich was published 1st November 2012! It’s a post about digging – oh, the irony!

Still, it was ever so exciting watching the counter hit half a million.

…and I just can’t resist posting this picture!


  1. Well done Roger, for reaching 500,000 page views, and a good attempt at the ny tree cassyn.

  2. Congratulations Roger! Half a million is an awful lot of viewings!

  3. I turn my back for five minutes and look what happens.
    Not only have I been away in France spraying Brenda's son's weeds, but have been offline most of the time and missed the excitement!
    I had modestly intended to say nothing of this milestone but you have blown the gaff!
    When I started to blog in my daydreams I wondered if I might reach a million in my lifetime - I am now starting to worry!

    1. Modestly intended to say nothing?
      erm...the pigs are fuelled and on the runway!!!
      Looking forward to sharing that special bottle of Maltese red with you both.

  4. Are you sure Roger is not in France surfing his own site to get the numbers up???

    Congrats Roger.

    1. I did wonder Robert, but he's been in a technology wilderness for days. Must've been hell on Earth for him! And at home he's set up not to register his own page views! :-)

    2. Thanks Mark,Gaz and Robert also cathi for her wicked humour

  5. Hi Cathi I well remember Roger;s Isle of Mann pose, Are you Poppy sitting?

    Well done Roger on your half million.

  6. I am Sue! :-O
    He is...exuberant!


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