Saturday 29 June 2013

Open day again.

It quickly comes round! Counting my old garden in Bolton Percy and the churchyard it’s about my 25th year! One still gets a thrill from the anticipation- and a knot in one’s stomach. One still wonders, “why do I do it, why put myself up for inspection and all that extra work?”. I claim of course that my garden management is so good that I just take it all in my stride. It’s a lie!
Brenda says that it’s weedier this year. I think she is perhaps right. I ever regret inventing the term ‘blogweed’, a term that is defined as 'a weed that is allowed to grow whilst time is wasted writing a blog!' She constantly pulls up a stray epilobiums  and smirks! (No one else in the gardening world mentions this weed. Without it, my garden management would be an absolute cinch).
Any one contemplating coming to Boundary Cottage on the 14th July can get all the details from the NGS link in the sidebar. For reports of last years event go here and here

Artist in the garden
In our area we are well supported by local artists. I don’t know who it will be this year, but one always turns up. It  adds an interesting theme to the  day, especially when visitors engage  in conversation or even buy a trinket. Over the years we have been blessed with many fine artists. Only last week I received this e-mail from Rob Crow

East Riding Artists have now displayed their 2012 art work at Fawley House last weekend so I'm happy for you to pop it on your blog if you so wish.
It will move from Fawley House to Roger's plants at Pickering the weekend of 22nd & 23rd June.
I hope you like the final piece, I regret there were no red dots on it when I saw it last!

Kind regards and thanks again for allowing me the pleasure of your garden.

Rob Crow

When Bob painted his picture he had ‘help’ from a little girl who had come with her Mum and Dad.

We are counting our pennies to perhaps buy Bob’s picture.

Sempervivum in Barbara Wood’s lovely pot
Barbara Wood is a fine potter who lives in the village. Perhaps, if she and her husband can break away from their weekend motor sports she will be with us again. Here is a fine piece she modeled on my self seeding nigella (according to Brenda ‘Love in a Mist’ is another of my blogweeds).

engraved tile

Nigella damascena. Love in a mist

John Brunton is a very well known artist. Many years he prepared a mould for this very fine etching of a scene in Bolton Percy churchyard. One hundred pictures were run off, this one has pride of place in our kitchen.

Bolton Percy churchyard in 1995

Photographic competition
We are repeating this competition this year with the prize yet again a £10 Marks and Spencer voucher. Hardly a princely sum! We had some very fine entries last year.
This year in addition to photos taken on our Open Day any pictures taken in my other gardens will be accepted! Some of you might have visited the always open Bolton Percy churchyard (35minutes from Seaton Ross) or even discovered my secret garden in Barnsley! You can always pop down to the village plot before or after you come to Boundary Cottage.
Please send any pictures to my e-mail 

Plants for sale

Brenda will be on duty as usual

Brenda nesting with Piff a visitor from next door

Urgent traffic update. B1228 closed from Bubwith to Seaton Ross

If you are coming up from the M62 via Howden it is best to travel north from Howden on the A 614 to Holme-on-Spalding Moor. Turn left and go through Spalding Moor and continue about three miles until you see my NGS sign turning right to Seaton Ross. Go  through the village of Seaton Ross and follow my NGS sign at the top of the village. It is just as quick this way as the regular route.

If you are coming from York, the best route is on the B1228 through Elvington and Sutton on Derwent, ignore advance warnings that the road is closed ahead. It does not apply to you!
Come into Melbourne and follow my NGS signs

From the A1079 all routes to Seaton Ross are unaffected by the road works.


  1. What a brilliant picture of Brenda - superb!

    1. Yes I wonder whether it she or Piff that is the most handsome!

  2. What kind of bird is Piff - I've never seen eyes like that on a bird?

    1. Amazing aren't they!
      He is a diamond dove. There are more pictures of him on the Chicken Whisperer(Sue Docherty) site last month

  3. Those eyes are amazing - good luck with your open day!

    1. All being well we may just pay a visit!

    2. I am sure I will recognise you. I would sure be cross if I missed you!

    3. I may try to be a secret snooper :)

    4. Chance to meet blogger Sue Chicken Whisperer Doherty who will be painting in the garden.

  4. If I were closer, I'd come! I'd love the chance to have a proper chat with you.
    I would even have a go in the photo comp - it might inspire me to greater efforts...
    I love the blending of art with nature. Man-made items reflecting the natural world seem particularly attractive.

    1. If you are ever in the York area Mark come for a coffee!


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