Monday 16 July 2012

It's all over...till next time!

An Open Day thank you to everyone!
What an exhausting but rewarding day! The sun shone and 150 folk turned up. As always, it was wonderful to meet friends, old and new. My favourite and most regular attender, who comes every Open Day, refused to be identified online!

Many people snapped away for the photo competition. They were reminded that, to get their shots, they could walk anywhere on my soil. There was a great deal of interest in minimum cultivation methods. One lady gave me a most eloquent phrase about the benefits to soil flora and fauna of non-digging, but can I remember it? No, my head is still in too much of a whirl.
Brenda manning the plant stall.
A big thank you to all my helpers.
  • Peggy and Christine for the wonderful teas
  • Angela and Gordon for running the gate and promoting this blog!
  • Marilyn and Dave for organizing the car parking.
  • Brenda for organizing everything.
  • Harry and Cathi who marshalled the rheas.
Apparently, I swanned around doing nothing and taking all the glory! A part I play well.

...a selection of pictures from the day!


  1. I have never looked at a blog before, let alone written anything! But I just wanted to say what a lovely time my wife and I had yesterday at your garden. Everyone was so friendly and we spent awhile also chatting to the chap next door with the rheas.

    1. Don't tell any one but a month ago I scarcely knew what a blog was myself. Now I think they are a great way of communicating.

    2. This is also the first time I have looked at a blog. I picked up the card on Sunday. Seems more interesting than a website because it changes all the time.

    3. Yes, many people out there are discovering the joy of this kind of communication

  2. What a great value day out - sunshine, gentle stroll in pleasant surroundings, cheap plants for sale, delicious cake and a cuppa.
    Jack from Hull

    1. Couldn't agree more. We could even take the dog. I think I may have spotted myself in a picture! Mind you, my eyesight is not so good anymore - I was almost on top of those big rheas before I spotted them.

  3. Loved the garden.

  4. Looks gorgeous from the pictures. Couldn't make it this time but will definitely get there next time.
    Pat and Tom, Selby

  5. Really sorry to have missed the open day, it was double booked with a school summer fair, and well what can I say, the kids won.

    The photos are lovely and I'm very pleased you had great weather.

    Next year we'll be there. BB, Barlow.


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