Saturday 21 December 2013

Poppy takes a shower

Christmas post

Mummy, can I have my shower?

Should I bother?
Can you make it a little warmer?
A little shower gel, please?
Just a little faster

Faces of Poppy

Whilst taking his shower he likes to study the science of water droplet formation.
(When I have my own bath I think about soil water holding capacity).


Twice a week Poppy stands by the tap, looks longingly at Brenda and asks for a shower. Not verbally - yet


  1. What an intelligent bird! Obviously knows how to keep that spectacular plumage looking good.

  2. That is just so cute. I'm surprised you don't contemplate Archimedes. Maybe you leave that to Poppy.

  3. Replies
    1. As to his appearance, Alain and Mark, and as to his intelligence Mark, The DAFT BIRD singed his tail last week - and is completely unaware of it!

  4. Such a lovely and clever bird! Wish you and Brenda and your Poppy a Merry Christmas.


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