Tuesday 30 December 2014

Po's Post Christmas moonshine

Moon faces 

Po Simpson the well known lunatic has just given me these wonderful moonshots. He hasn’t even charged me sixpence!

Moon wane
Moon wax

Po missed the witch with her broom
Is this the witch or is it a klingon war bird?
Sea of crisis
Copernicus crater

Moon-bird flypast

Thank you Paul Simpson for these pictures


  1. What you didn't mention Roger, is that they are all taken on an iPhone!

  2. Replies
    1. Normal service will be resumed next week R....
      Happy new year to all the family and Peter and Ruth

  3. It is amazing how much it looks like an orange, especially the first pictures? Were they really taken with an iPhone?

  4. More of a melon than an orange, in my opinion. You can even see where the stem was... Is the "Klingon warbird" something flying in front of the camera, or is it actually something on the surface of the moon?

  5. Co-incidentally we tried to take shots of the daytime moon yesterday but it doesn't stand out as much in a clear blue sky.

  6. They were indeed taken with an iPhone 5. It WAS attached to a birdwatcher's spotting scope though! The Klingon Warbird is a plane flying across the field of view.

  7. It's Po here, these pictures are taken using my Nikon birding scope, and my iPhone 5
    I have a little folder that positions the camera onto the centre of the scope eyepiece and holding the iPhone, I use it mostly for Digiscoping birds in slow motion, for my own fun.
    I do love looking at the moon, with this set up you get a live view to share as well.
    I have been trying to take picture of the ISS in front of the moon, but failed so far, so if the moon is in just right place it is on a flight path, so I do have various planes in front of daytime moons.
    This is easier to use than a DSLR, although the quality isn't as good, but its a not technical event with the iPhone as long as you hold the screen and set AE/AF lock.
    I am currently trying to get all the phases of this Christmas moon, as the Apollo landing sites become visible, if you believe?
    Last nights moon got us back to Copernicus and showed the Apollo 15 site, tonight we should see 12 and 14, then all 6 sites should be visible.
    Then we can get back to Rogers superb Plog
    Sorry if I went on a tad then.

    1. Thanks for the great pictures Paul and your technical info. You make it sound so simple!

  8. Amazing moon pictures and that with an Iphone! At first glance I thought it was a big grey stone, but of course then I saw it was the moon, GREAT!!

  9. Those photos are amazing, and I suppose the fact that they are taken with an iPhone is amazing too – I had a look at what an Nikon birding scope is, must admit I had never heard of it before and wanted to see if I could include one on my wish-list, but at a price of £325 and upwards I don’t think it will make it very far on my already very long photography equipment wish-list :-)
    Happy New Year to you Roger – and to you too Paul.

    1. I knew you would understand Paul's explanation Helene and I appreciate your envy!
      All the best for the new year to you too and all of you who have made such interesting and helpful comments throughout the year.
      And happy new year to all readers!

  10. A birding scope, wow I would have never thought. I almost bought one for my Nikon, but still have not since they are rather expensive. Nice images.

  11. If you need more information on how to do all sorts of things, I have set up a Blog. for my digiscoping setups, and will add some bird slow motions

  12. Hi Roger, I Digiscoped the New Moon rising on Wednesday, using the time lapse on the iPhone, I have added it to your post


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