Sunday 6 September 2015

A bit of a do

None of the celeb magazines made me an offer so I decided to publish myself!

The calm before the storm 

The wedding of the year was a curious affair. Brenda’s son Iain drove us together to Pocklington Registery Office in his old car. The bride was not given away and there was no best man to safeguard the ring. Indeed there wasn’t a ring! Nor a bride with a hat nor any bridesmaids. To my consternation there was no promise to obey. (The reverse might have been appropriate). The bride did not even change her name.There was one trembling groom and a radiant bride

There were two lovely readings. Bibi read a few verses from Winnie the Pooh and Rufus read out the recipe for a happy marriage. It was all too soon over and after pictures we were on the way home. Brenda’s youngest grandchild three year old Sonny insisted on riding between us and talked all the way back to Boundary Cottage.

A Recipe for a Good Wedding Cake by Brenda Beeton

4lb of love
1/2lb of sweet temper
1lb of blindness of faults
1lb of pounded wit
1lb of good humour
2lbs of sweet argument
1 pint of rippling laughter
1 wine glass of common sense
A dash of modesty

Put the love, good looks and sweet temper into a well-furnished house.
Stir the pounded wit and good humour into sweet argument, then add rippling laughter and common sense.

Unfortunately the printed sheet in the order of ceremony missed out the last paragraph. Rufus, bless him, just winged it!
Brenda used to teach domestic science and is a wonderful cook. I think Rufus  did not appreciate the humour in the author’s pseuonym.

Quotes of the day

I don’t feel any different

Love and happiness pervaded everywhere

I don’t mind the kids playing football

Parties like this cannot continue for ever

The pictures that ‘Hello' missed

Billy Mills soccer superstar

Unfortunately my suit could no longer be buttoned and my shirt was a little tight at the collar

Sister Marilyn and Dave. You might have seen pictures of Dave's allotment

Isobel and Mike with Annette hidden behind the Heliotrope. Not only did Isobel bring the table decorations she stripped her garden of roses to make the confetti

Lovely Eliza

Brenda’s grandson Sonny and Arthur my own grandson. The three year old boys had not met before but played together all weekend

The Brook and Mills clans

Gillian and Jeremy made the cupcakes, cake and stand. Dicentra spectabilis decorates the cake. Poppy our real lovebird  who normally flies free in the house stayed at Cathi’s for the weekend

It was a relief that the sunshine shone all day and some could eat dinner outside. 
Three generations of girls

Future Arsenal star Henry Brook takes a break

Happy pair

Thank you Peter Williams for all the wonderful pictures. Sorry we could not hold the camera properly for you and cut out most of Julie

Isobel brought with her twelve wonderful table decorations

A rose amongst the thorns. All our five son’s wore identical ties. (none of them said “how nice” when they received them, they just pulled a face)

Brenda’s sisters Angela and Joyce contemplate the world from the  front of the garage. You might have read about Joyce, the Kirkwhelpington moth trapper!

Helen spikes the lawn

“We took Joyce out for dinner last night”
“When we got home the dog had eaten the Wedding cupcakes”
“Mother’s panic did not help!”

Peter’s trial pictures as he sighted a site for the group pictures.

The speech 

The first cut

The wedding cake tree

More quotes
The food is just as much of a surprise to Roger as the guests

If Brenda is absolutely definite about something she might be wrong
If she prevaricates she is almost certainly right
Wise advice from Brother-in-law Gordon fifteen years ago

If you blog about this I will kill you
(I have just made that one up)

At the end of the day I was a gibbering wreck

A fabulous day I will never forget



  1. Many congratulations - looks like you had a great day but what's with the tie? No ring Brenda - how did he get away with that?

  2. The photos speak for themselves, that must have been one of the best days of your life. Everybody looks so happy in your wonderful garden and the weather was also on your side.
    I wish you two many congratulations with the wedding.

  3. All the very best! I didn't realise that you weren't married already!

    1. Some of our friends always wondered how to address letters and cards!
      And we have not helped them!

  4. I can't believe Ayup Me Duck magazine didn't pick up this story, best pictures of the best event of the year. You all look fabulous darlings. Love the Brenda quotes

  5. Well, good luck to you both, and remember the first rule of marriage survival - Forgive and FORGET.

    1. Wouldn't worry FoolOnTheHill - they've left it so long that they've reached the age where REMEMBERING is hard!

    2. Remembered grievances fester in far too many marriages oh wise man on the mount

    3. On the contrary Cathi, some people would say all we have left are memories

  6. Looks like a magical day. And the garden looks like the perfect venue!

    1. We did give some thoughts to other venues, Hilary, but home was best.
      Brenda was a genius to organise the event so well!

  7. Of all the excellent blogs that you have posted, this one has given me the greatest pleasure and enjoyment. Those of us fortunate to be present will always remember the joy and happiness that filled the day.

    1. Thank you for your warm congratulations and thank you for all your pictures that made the post possible. Trouble is there are many more of your pictures I would have loved to have used but space did not permit
      …and you have broken your duck in using the comments section!

    2. I'll be back!

  8. How wonderful for you two. I wish you many years of happiness. You make a cute couple and the gardens are very beautiful. It looks like you have a lot of fun on a nice sunny day.

  9. Many congratulations to you both, and well done for securing one of the only sunny days this year :-)

    Looks like a splendid family day, which is what weddings should be.

    1. Yes we were very lucky with the weather. Mike and Isobel returned home at 6pm just 14 miles away and had 2" of rain in 2 hours!
      The family members who stayed for the evening barbecue just had a twenty minute shower but were comfortably ensconced in our large garage that doubled as a bar!


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