Wednesday 12 April 2017

Seaton Ross Open Gardens 2017

Sunday 7th May
Rhododendrons and Magnolias at Weathervane House
The village event on the above date is the occasion when about half a dozen village gardens will be open. 

I am using this notice to also publicise the opening arrangements for myself and Peter Williams at Weathervane House for the whole of the year. We  both have been deemed up to standard  to open on the 7th May. Peter of course has been a constant inspiration to this blog!

Here are the official details of the actual village Open Day

Seaton Ross Open Gardens 2017

Boundary Cottage (a National Gardens Scheme yellow book entry) and Whixley Lodge      
You may need to get in your car to come the half mile out of the village. Boundary Cottage is a  ¾ acre plants man’s garden which includes twin ponds, gravel borders, cactus and succulent plants, herbaceous borders, boggy planting, a rock garden and fruit and vegetables. This garden holds the National Dicentra collection and Roger Brook writes a blog about his garden as nodiggardener. 
Next door is Whixley Lodge - a garden beginning to be restored, visitors are welcome to take a stroll around and to meet the pet Rheas - Phleas and Spike.

  1. Weathervane House (usually a National Gardens Scheme yellow book entry)
This is a two-acre woodland garden with magnolias, rhododendrons, azaleas, flowering trees and shrubs together with mixed herbaceous borders, lawns and a circular meadow.  The woodland areas are at their best in April and May and the herbaceous border looks attractive from early June. There is also a fruit garden, a glasshouse and a large polytunnel with specimen rhododendrons and many other plants propagated on site. Plants are for sale.

  1. Parish Plot and village information board

1The parish plot is owned by the Parish Council for the use of villagers and it has gradually been reclaimed from wild since 2005. Overgrown with ground elder it was treated with weed killer several times and garden plants introduced over the years. It is now a wild garden maintained on the same no-dig principle as Boundary Cottage. 
Once the site of charitable homes for old age village residents, the old fruit trees remain but only foundations of the houses. 

  1. Catton Cottage

This pretty, individual garden demonstrates the gardeners like for quirky features. Irregular shaped beds, wall mirrors and interesting objects nestle among the plants and enhance the flowers.

  1. Swallow Cottage

Small is Beautiful! This tiny garden bursts with life and healthy produce each year. Lean over the wall to see what’s growing; in pots, bags and hangers are five sorts of fruit, eight sorts of vegetables, blooms and produce. It just goes to show what a lot can be done with a small plot. 

  1. Ashlands

This garden has been planted with lower maintenance in mind. There are shrubs such as rhododendrons and roses under planted with spring and summer bulbs and some herbaceous foliage plants such as Hostas and ferns. Part of the garden is heavily shaded by the Norway Maple and Beech trees in the churchyard so trial and error dictates the plants which succeed in the shady areas. There are paths behind the beds to invite a walk around and among the garden rather than just to look out on to it. 

  1. The Telephone Box

The Parish Council is in the process of buying the decommissioned, red Telephone Box outside the Village Hall. The village is thinking about how best to use and enjoy their new asset. Can you help? There is a suggestion box is inside the Telephone Box and all ideas and input are welcomed. The Telephone Box is decorated with handmade flowers and blooms in keeping with the Gardens Open Day theme.
Throughout the village is a fun Flower Pot Character Trail.    
 St Edmund’s Church is open and welcomes visitors. There are flower arrangements to enjoy. 

Also in Seaton Ross: The Pocklington Area Open Studios have three artists displaying their work at Old Mills at the junction of Breckstreet Lane, North End and Mill Lane
Also the Young Farmers Tractor Rally is this weekend and may pass through the village.


If I might add that Cathi my blogmeister has been dragooned into opening and denies any responsibility. Regular readers will know that I personally maintain her garden which is next door to me. 
Cathi’s grass verge outside the garden alongside the road has been a major blog project and is always on view!

Similarly I also maintain the village plot that is always open

Later dates
Later in the year both Peter and I are opening in aid of the Yorkshire Arboretum. If you don’t know TheYorkshire Arboretum at Castle Howard you must go there too - any time during the day! (It’s independent and separate to Castle Howard House)

The arboretum has an excellent Open Garden Scheme where twenty-seven fine gardens, many not always otherwise open can be seen. An all in ticket costs a mere £25 pounds. The best bargain you will find anywhere.
If you want to attend just one garden it will cost you £5.

Peter and myself have a private arrangement for our own two open days whose dates coincide. A £5 ticket will admit you to both our gardens.
On the first occasion on Saturday 20th May 12pm to 5pm refreshments will be only at Weathervane House. On the second occasion on Tuesday 22 August 12pm to 5pm refreshments will only be served at Boundary Cottage.

This is a link to details and dates of the Arboretum scheme

My own yellow book open day at BoundaryCottage under The Open Garden Scheme is on Sunday 10 September 12-5pm and costs £5. Refreshments are available

This is a link to my own details on the Open Garden Scheme  website

Further links
There have been several previous posts about Weathervane House and Boundary Cottage (use the search box). To give you a flavour try Weathervane House and A bit of a do - on the occasion of my wedding! 
This was about the village plot.


  1. I hope we will manage a visit on one of the dates on May as it will be a chance to see your garden at a different time of year. 20th May is three days after my birthday too.

  2. I hope the sunshines for you bringing along plenty of visitors. We have our village opening on the May Day bank holiday weekend with the NGS weekend in June.

    1. Hi Brian. give us a few brief details.Someone might read them!

  3. Hi Roger

    I came across your blog googling about the Box Caterpillar - it's a real problem here in SW France. I've just sprayed with Decis al and seems to have arrested the problem but I can't believe that they started again so early in the season. Your blog is very informative and good to know. Keep up the good work!

  4. I like the color of the Malus, not so sure I like the weeping habit. Love the blue Corydalis.

    1. psst....You scrolled down too far... but thanks for the comment about Malus Crimson Cascade Jason!


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