Thursday 27 December 2012

Yule blog

We could not find a cracker, so have sent you a grenade.

Just in case you are wanting to work off all that Christmas fare and take a little exercise, I can recommend this handy tool for splitting logs.

And if you would like to get back to plain food, this is my reminder of a simple Autumn lunch.
Report of my attempt to have ripened green tomatoes at Christmas.

When I finally cut down my tomatoes five weeks ago, the remaining green ones went into a open cardboard box in the garage. Any that were not eaten or hadn’t ‘gone off’ subsequently found themselves in a tray on our conservatory floor! You can see that they don’t look very appetising!  I tried one yesterday, it wasn’t very sweet but was pleasantly piquant. I hoped to persuade Brenda to do something with them rather than throw them out! 
And indeed she has come up trumps. They have gone in with some over-ripe peppers and turkey stock to make a delicious soup.

These did not appear on the Christmas table!


  1. Unfortunately we haven't been off plain food and have had plenty of exercise this Christmas.

    1. Surely you mean fortunately, I am really pleased to be back on plain food. Unfortunately other than an energetic session in Bolton Percy cemetery garden on the one day it did not rain I have not had much exercise. Actually I might do a spot of yoga now! And no alcohol tonight! (and oh yes I really did chop some wood today!)

    2. It was more the fact that all the plain food had to be eaten cold and the reasons behind why it was necessary that prompted the unfortunately.

  2. Our garden has turned into a Paddy Field, advice please on growing rice !! R & H

  3. My antenna tell me that you garden on a heavy clay soil in Preston on a low lying site! There is not really much hope for you! Seriously, there are things like choice of plants (other than rice) and creating raised beds. My next-but one 'plog' is about adding drainage materials to the soil, but It won't help you, your water has nowhere to go!


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