Thursday 8 June 2017

Pictures of Edinburgh Botanic Garden

A potpourri of Peter's pictures

In my third post about our visit to Edinburgh I am showing Peter Williams’ fine pictures to tempt you to go there yourself. I will start with those taken outdoors where wonder of wonders entrance is free.


Cathi, Brenda, and Julie were very patient 

A very fine perennial variety

I have given up trying to grow blue meconopsis even though I have acid soil. I wish I could.

Not yet in flower the herbaceous border is stunning
This seed raised perennial is also admired in my own garden
Peter always has an eye for the rhododendrons

The twinflower is best seen growing as a native in Scotland
There is a modest charge of £6.50 to go inside the extraordinary greenhouses

It's only my apple - honestly

Edinburgh's water features are stunning

Water lilies are so photogenic

We had to drag Peter away
It was the same at Kew last year!

Peter found plenty of rhododendrons in the greenhouse


  1. Now you're talking my language. You saved tune best 'til last. Why the dour look when surrounded by beauty flowers and the ladies.

    1. I agree Roger, Edinburgh Botanic Gardens are fantastic. They are lovely at any time of year including winter. You can always find something interesting to look at. They also run lots of great courses, some on line. I love it!

    2. Thanks for the heads up for the courses. You are obviously a regular visitor, Alison, It's great that regular visitors can pop in for free.and can get a season ticket for the greenhouses

  2. Really interesting series of posts Roger, the meconopsis caught my attention as I am lucky enough to be able to grow them successfully having pretty much ideal conditions other than an excess of winter damp, I have never tried protecting them preferring to let them fight their own battles and usually had have very few fatalities. I am a member of the Meconopsis Group who hold all their meetings at the Edinburgh Botanical Gardens but so far haven't managed to get up there although I did go once years ago as my main interest at the time was alpines and have to say that the rock garden was superb, their collection must be the best in the world.

    1. Although I have not (yet) posted about the rock garden it is the favourite of Peter and myself and is the main reason we went!
      We are both particularly interested this year because Burnaby Gardens five miles away in Pocklington is restoring an old Back House rock garden with a three quarter of a million lottery grant (I make no comment about such largess)
      Back House nursery of York was the doyen of rock gardens and created huge rock gardens country wide a century ago and must have influenced the one at Edinburgh - although they did not design it. Their hundred acre site was dubbed Kew of the North

    2. edit. I mean Backhouse were Kew of the north!


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