Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Black boot and myrmecochory. A challenge

What is going on and what is this plant?

You can look at this two ways
Peter Williams tested me out with these pictures and I am passing the quiz on. In several weeks time I will extend this into an article. Although I will respond as usual to any comments I will not tell you if your answer is right until that time.
Please tell as much about it as you can. Your only prize will be some reader’s admiration or even their ire.

I will have egg on my face if no-one makes any suggestions

This will make things easier

Easier still - but only part of the answer
I hope some of you might like to read some of my other strange postings

Dear Harry put this one on without telling me


  1. Thank you for putting your head above the parapet Lita and some good lateral thinking. But it is a plant....


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