Saturday 25 August 2012

Blogweeds and Miracles!

Miracle at Boundary Cottage! He arrived needing a stick. He walked away without it! Would the gentleman who left his stick in my garden two years ago please take it home.

It’s Open Day again! Sunday, September 9th

We will be rushing around getting things ready; all the time trying to create the illusion that we have done nothing at all!

When I started this blog ‘Shirl’ a well known blogger, warned me not to neglect my garden and of course I firmly deny that I do. I have always prided myself on my weed control. Yesterday my brother-in-law, Dave, stung himself on a nettle in my garden! The family are now finding ‘blog-weeds’ all over the place! 

Come to open day, and see if you can spot one!
This is not a blogweed. It’s cyperus, known as the umbrella plant. It grows in boggy places.
This IS a blogweed and, yes, it’s cyperus again, seeding all over the place. A plant in one part of the garden can be a weed in another!


  1. Sylvia in Nottingham14 September 2012 at 12:14

    Well, did he ever pick up his stick Roger?

    1. No, Sylvia. Perhaps he does not read my blog!
      We did put the stick out as in the picture. Perhaps he will come another day.


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