Wednesday 15 August 2012

Competition Winner!

The day has come to judge the NGS Open Day Photographic Competition! There have been some brilliant entries and it’s been really hard to choose a winner! There were, however, a few entrants that did stand out. I am going to post pictures from a few of them.

It’s interesting that the two very best pictures were both of sempervivum (house leek), but at different stages of the life cycle.

The winner is Peter Furnival, with his fabulous sempervivum rosette! It was a close call between Peter and Rhonda Peterson, with her sempervivum inflorescence (flower spike). Sadly, the spike will die but the baby rosettes will continue to make a show for the rest of the year.

Peter Furnival's sempervivum
Rhonda's sempervivum
A special mention must go to Mick Needham, with his beautiful lead face mask. It is his picture of a piece of art that he created himself. Thank-you Mick.

I couldn’t resist showing Rhonda’s picture of my biennial ferrula, as it is destined to die shortly and no seedlings have appeared for next year.

A last mention to Ian Garner’s campanula picture – his harebells capture summer in the rock garden!


  1. A worthy winner!

  2. You're right Jeanette - that's a beautiful picture!

  3. Yes, Brenda and myself were delighted with the entries. Seven people sent in photos, not bad as some of the visitors did not have their cameras! One chap was a professional photographer and kicked himself for being ill equipped. Peter Furnival deserves his Marks and Spencer voucher.


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