Monday 10 September 2012

A fabulous day!

Boundary Cottage enjoyed a fabulous, sunny and rewarding open day, and warm thanks go to our many visitors as well as helpers. 

One gentleman, as he left, wound down the window of his car and said that there had been two ingredients to a most wonderful day: fantastic weather and a lot of nice people. A very nice compliment, but he said nothing about the garden!

These four lovely people asked if it was still ok to walk on the garden. I was able to assure them that the nodiggardener wants people to walk on the garden. Not only did they stay for more than three hours, they were able to find this wonderful elephant hawk moth larva! (see below)

Before folk arrived our NGS area organizer, Louise Martin, presented me with an engraved garden fork. It was in recognition of 20 years opening my garden for NGS, originally at Bolton Percy and now at Boundary Cottage. I was very proud to receive an engraved trowel five years ago, when I opened two different gardens in a single year! Very convenient too, as they both started with ‘Bo’ and followed each other in the famous yellow book.
More pictures of a lovely day!


  1. Holly Bishop, Wakefield11 September 2012 at 15:57

    It WAS a fabulous day - the last of Summer though, I think! Those lovely birds were the highlight of my husband's day!

  2. Are those photovoltaic solar panels I can see on your roof Roger? I have recently had 3kW fitted on my bungalow and am as pleased as punch with them!

    1. Yes,we have had two bites at the cherry and had them fitted on both my garage and the house roof. As the aspects differ slightly, we generate over a longer portion of the day. The novelty has now worn off and I am not constantly monitoring how much I generate. When light levels are poor not only do we not generate much electricity, my plants are also unhappy.

    2. I'm afraid I'm still at the novelty stage and dash off to look at the meter every time the sun comes out! I'm sure I'll tire of it soon - my wife already has!


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