Saturday 8 September 2012

Something for the weekend!

I’m back!

Our sparrow hawk is back - master of all he surveys.

The day before this picture was taken we found him spread-eagled across the window trying to get into our conservatory. Inside, poor Poppy, our parrot, was at the bottom of her cage, cowed, terrified and squawking! Brenda had to rescue Poppy or get her camera. So sorry, we don’t have a picture! 


  1. Poppy is very pretty. :-)
    That hawk is majestic!

    1. Yes, Poppy is and quite part of the family now. As I write I can hear her singing.
      (and for that matter so is the sparrow hawk, part of the family!)

  2. Has he got something in his beak? It certainly looks like it.


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