Tuesday 25 September 2012

NPK Fertiliser

You may only need one big bag of NPK fertilizer 

(Fertilizer: a concentrated source of nutrients)

In my three natural gardens, I do not use any fertilizer at all!  In my home garden, a single large bag of a compound (multinutrient) fertilizer satisfies most of my gardening needs.
  • It is unnecessary to have a specific fertilizer for every plant you grow. 
  • The nutrients that a plant requires are determined by it's nature, the soil and the time of the year.
  • As long as nutrients are available in the soil, the plant will absorb those that it needs.

This grower’s fertilizer is double the strength of growmore and has a more complete analysis. It must be used sparingly. 

I usually suggest that gardeners upgrade from useless bonemeal to growmore. This has enough nutrients to be valuable (7% each, of nitrogen, phosphate and potassium), but is not so strong that the overgenerous user will kill his plants! Other excellent choices are available and some gardeners will choose a commercial fertilizer bought from a growers’ supplier.

Your one bag of fertilizer will not be suitable for every gardening need. Many gardeners will also use a slow release fertilizer and a liquid feed. My own special requirement is iron sulphate for my lawn. Also, some gardeners imagine that, because compound fertilizers are granular, that they are slow release. They are not and are usually highly soluble. This is good news for the nodiggardener. There is no need whatsoever to work such fertilizer into the soil.

My citrus (pictured left) has recently carried a hundred calamondin oranges for six months. It is now chlorotic and lacking in nutrients. The blue fertilizer granules are quite a strong dose of ‘yara mila’.

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