Thursday 5 September 2013

Don’t let the roadworks stop you coming to my Open Day!

Open September 8th

It’s called Sod’s law. This week they are digging up the road that leads to my garden. We live on a long straight road. You can access my garden and the usual ample parking from just one direction. If you approach from Seaton Ross village follow my Open Garden signs, you have an extra mile and a half to drive!

At my last Open garden another nearby road was closed. Many miles before Seaton Ross there were signs 'road ahead closed'. It was not closed unless you were going to Howden! If the idiots do this again ignore these signs. The last leg of your journey might say “no through road”. Ignore it, the road Is clear all the way to my garden! I use the word ‘idiots’ advisedly. I added the insult after their signs mucked up my visiting party last Monday! Could someone explain to the council in words of one syllable that ‘no through road’  or ‘road closed’ should say ‘local access only’.

If you are coming from Howden or York on the B1228 your route will be completely as normal. If you are coming from Hull direction follow the normal ‘yellow book’ directions. You will see my Open garden signs and probably not realise that you are being diverted. 

My previous Open day
It was the hottest day of the summer. Thank you to the 120 lovely people who came. Unfortunately it was so hot I think most people stayed at home!. I think because of the heat  and the soporific hot humid conditions nobody entered my photographic competition!
We did notice a tall handsome man and an elegant diminutive lady enthusiastically snapping away. Blogger Sue Garrett and husband Martyn from Green Lane allotments later introduced themselves! They have produced two very fine posts with beautiful pictures of my garden. I am still pondering whether I should give them the prize……

Sue Doherty The Chicken Whisperer was in attendance as ‘the artist in the garden’. She did some beautiful pastel sketches. The winner of her caption competition was Sally Walker from York. Sorry about the delay Sally, Sue’s book, ‘Talking Chickens’ will soon be on its way.

Sorry Sally, your card got crumpled and we rewrote it and failed to correctly spell ‘leggings’

Just a thought
A lovely couple arrived for my Open Day a week early! They had come from Halifax and had stopped at Bolton Percy churchyard on the way. What a good idea. Anyone coming from the West Riding could call!  The churchyard garden is always open and is across the road from the church. Be sure to see the amazing millenium window.

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Last minute traffic information
I spoke to the foreman. He said they don’t work on Sundays and they will be letting traffic through from BOTH directions. If this is true it will be clear from my yellow open garden signs. I will be placing laminate yellow posters over their ridiculous ‘no through road’ signs!  They say ‘local access to Roger Brook’s garden’!


  1. Maybe like us your visitors just took too many photos to choose just one. We saw quite a few people with cameras.

    1. I really liked your pictures, Sue and Martyn

    2. I think you might have touched on a good point there Sue! I don't want single entries, but prefer multiple ones. I had better make that clear

  2. Roadworks are such a menace, but especially so when they can't get the signs right. Good luck with your open day, I hope you get a good turnout.

    1. We are watching the weather forecasts carefully. I have been praying for rain in recent weeks and Now I might get it - at the wrong time!

  3. Typical roadworks hey. Sounds like it wont be a problem though and I hope you have a brilliant day Roger! :)

  4. Roger, maybe you should try to persuade the local Council to adopt your No Dig policy too!

  5. I'll not take the opportunity to go off on a rant about local councils - don't think there's much difference between them!
    Just want to say - I hope all goes well with your open day Roger. I hope the weather holds up for you and your visitors.

    1. Yes I enjoyed my little rant, I originally wrote 'planners' but when they really confused my visitors I changed the word to 'idiots'


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