Sunday 22 September 2013

Snaps from the children’s photo album

I promised on my recent rhea roundup to let you have some of Harry’s pictures of the bouncy baby birds. I was today both astonished and astounded at the superb pictures that Cathi dropped into my dropbox! Even for Harry, they are of exceptional quality. I am am sorry to be a tease but I am going to post them in a Christmas extravaganza!

Please write me a caption

As a taster here is a short video of one of the baby rheas. Also two pictures. For identification purposes I have given them a bland caption.The reason for this is that some of you might like to suggest a funny, evocative or poignant label for any or all of the three items. There is no prize other than a promise that I will update this post with the winners’ names and captions!

back to back

looking in

I recently published these pictures as a tribute to Harry

Thank you to everyone who submitted captions

Poppy Murray     Can’t figure out what to do with my feet

Sue Garrett      I’m taller aren’t I mum?
Janneke     You watch that side, I’ll watch this 
Anon       I’m the tallest…..I’m the cleverest

Jo       Rhea window 
Janneke     Heloooo, can I come in
Jo’s hubby     Oi you, over reah
Sue Garrett     I don’t like to see them in cages
Derek     I can see you eating in there
Walker/talker     Can Piff come out to play?
Clara     Is tea ready?

Arthur Negus     Rhea end


  1. Lovely photos. I'm never any good at captions but how about Rhea Window for the second one.

  2. It's all about being in the right place with camera ready isn't it.

    My caption for the first photo "I'm taller aren't I mum?"

    By the way you are mean to keep us waiting!

    1. I knew you would have a suggestion Sue.
      It was Cathi's idea to wait!

  3. These pictures are just amazing, these rheas look so cute. Captions for the pictures, I am not good at.
    May be for Back to Back : "Do you watch that side, I'll check the other side".
    Looking in: "Hellooo, may I come in".

    1. I can just imagine you rolling those 'oos' in your own tongue Janneke

  4. I've just shown Hubby this post and his suggestion for the second one is "Oi, you, over rhea". I'm groaning too!

  5. Second photo.

    I don't really like to see them kept in cages!

    1. You are like me Sue, your subconscious just keeps working....

  6. That little Sausage is just sooo gorgeous. He looks like he's trying to figure out what his legs are for!

    1. For the video clip: "You don't expect me to actually stand up on these feet, do you?"

  7. "Don't think I can't see you eating in there!"

  8. I like he last one, it looks like it is asking you to come out and play.

    1. Yes he looks quite wistful
      I will amend your entry Donna to "can Piff come out and play?"
      (Piff is Cathi's diamond dove)

  9. OK, so what's for tea? Is it late?


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