Friday 15 December 2017

Garden gifts for the tool shed (2), Black and Decker lawn edger

A fine edge to your lawn
A new toy
With six posts before Christmas I make some suggestions. They are tools that I regularly use. I cannot claim that there are not better ones and if you have your own personal favourites please let me know

Black and Decker strimmer
30cm 36V 2.0Ah Lithium-ion Strimmer® Grass Trimmer

Light and easy to handle but a bit big for the tree
I like perfect lawn edges but have always failed to attain them. The best edges I know are in two gardens that belong to former hairdressers! They know something I don’t.
I had come to the conclusion that long handled lawn edgers are best and had got by edging a miserly once a month. With 750 metres of edge it took as much as three hours. I have tried gimmicky alternatives but they just could not cut muster.

A former colleague visiting on open day delicately enquired whether I had ever considered Black and Decker’s electric strimmer. He offered to bring his own as a demo. It has transformed my life. I have never spent a hundred quid better.

Although a long time ago I used employer's heavier petrol driven stimmers I do not have happy memories and have been prejudiced against them. Not this one, it is very light and a pleasure to use.
Modern battery operated tools are so much improved. Mine is not a great roaring monster. It might not scalp down a thick grass sward to its roots but it is proving useful for light cutting in unanticipated situations. For the lawn edge it is absolutely superb.

The battery always sits ready in the garage. (One that has no room for the car)
With a little practice the strimmer is precise and speedy. I soon will be sufficiently proficient to get round on one charge which set on ‘eco’ keeps going for half an hour. At present I go away and play for the ten minute recharging time I need. Each new time I want it, it is sitting there ready to go.
It is a light and sturdy machine. The battery stands on the bench in the garage on its charger which is very similar to the one for Brenda’s itinerant ‘hoover’. The battery clips on with ease. The strimmer head self winds with no need for adjustment and with a flick of the wrist flips horizontal to vertical.
Although not suitable to cut a new edge out of soil I do find on my own very sandy soil the line of my edge is gradually improving. 
After each cut my lawn edge is getting closer to the quality of my hairdresser friends.

30cm 36V 2.0Ah Lithium-ion Strimmer® Grass Trimmer

Although I have not used this supplier they also sell electric hedge cutters. No doubt some of the batteries will be compatible for both tools. Make sure your strimmer is supplied with its battery as it is from this featured source. Although the cord lasts for very many hours it might be a good idea to order an extra reel - it will be most frustrating to run out half way through a job. (I wish I could remember where Brenda has put my spare)
I had no sooner wrote this when I  received a sponsored ad - a good offer!

This link to one of my earlier Open Day posts gives some idea of my old edges


  1. Martyn uses on of these on the allotment. It’s great for keeping grass paths tidy and edging beds.

    1. I am finding it flips out small weeds quite well. It might be useful with my Chewing fescue projects to just top it after flowering


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