Saturday 16 December 2017

Garden gifts for the tool shed (3), Plastic scarifier

A plastic scarifier for grandad
The grim sweeper
Over six days before Christmas I make some suggestions. They are tools that I regularly use. I cannot claim that there are not better ones and if you have your own personal favourites please let me know

Plastic lawn rake

Draper 31069 550 mm Large Head Plastic Leaf Rake

I was annoyed. Not so much that my new lawn rake appeared to be so flimsy, more at myself that I should expect more for a fiver. I thought I might make an unfavourable comment to the vendor but was too lazy.

A bit like a fairy
I was going through one of those phases when I wanted to attack the coarse grass in my lawn by raking it high to be chopped by my mower. Not a very successful management strategy and my metal scarifier had lost too many tines. Hence my parsimonious buy.

I was wrong. My thoughts were a slander. It is a wonderful gadget. What I thought flimsy is light, strong and whippy. After several years it still holds together - although Cathi’s one is now somewhat dog eared. The strong plastic blade really is rather durable.
It’s no good for heavy aspects of lawn scarification such as raking out moss but for my original purpose works very well. 
It is superb for raking up light litter such as leaves on the lawn or debris on the border or collecting hedge clippings. It is a pleasure to use. I love it when I flip out the flotsam from the lawn edge and  - in my case - mulch the border.
It is my first port of call when I need to sift out water weed and filamentous algae from my two rather large ponds. It is not as strong as my metal scarifier but is so much lighter to use and scoops better

It deserves better 

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