Sunday 17 December 2017

Garden gifts for the tool shed (4), Berthoud sprayer

A good knapsack sprayer
Berthoud Velmorel
Sparkle  approved
Over six days before Christmas I make some suggestions. They are tools that I regularly use. I cannot claim that there are not better ones and if you have your own personal favourites please let me know

The basic model is sufficient. Best to buy it ready assembled
Knapsack sprayer Berthoud Velmorel 1800 and 2000
The only time I have ever needed to spray insecticide using a knapsack was on a hundred metre long two metre high hedge infected with box caterpillar in France. With its high pressure spray it evenly covered and penetrated. It paid for itself in one go in preserving this valuable feature. The last time I sprayed insecticide or fungicide in my own garden was in 2016 when I sprayed my brassicas using a two pound hand sprayer. I go from the ridiculous to the sublime and poo poo expensive sprayers for trivial jobs in the garden.

In contrast when it comes to spraying for weed control only the best will do if you want long lasting speed and essential accuracy. I estimate that in my life I have emptied a full or (more recently) partially filled fifteen litre knapsack ten thousand times (Until this year I have looked after up to six acres). My current Berthoud has been filled more than a thousand times. At a price of about £150 it will when it needs replacing have cost ten pence a go. I could not garden without it. Any gardener who is serious about using glyphosate should use no other than a proper professional  sprayer. Anything else will lead to disappointment. For most gardeners a good sprayer will last lifetime.
PS If your garden really is pocket handkerchief use a hand sprayer and not a cheap knapsack! or hand weed!

There are several sprayers made by Berthoud and Cooper Peglar and all are good. My most recent experiences are with the two Berthouds in the title. My own is the all singing all dancing Velmorel 2000 although by now it has lost its special accoutrements and is no better than the cheaper model. Peter in France bought the £100 one and when I go over  and use it to spray his weeds and his hedge it fulfils all my needs. (If you do change from one chemical to another make sure the diaphragm has been sprayed dry)

This seems to be a suitable source if you do not wish to use the sponsored adverts on your search engine. Use this firms's search box and you might find some of the other suggestions in this series

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