Friday 20 July 2012

A plant remembered:abutilon megapotanicum

Abutilon megapotanicum variegata graced our courtyard for five years.
This plant, (and what a mouthful it is) is only marginally hardy in York. It thrived thanks to the protection given by the walls of our house.

It was finally killed by the double winter of 2010. The worst winter for fifty years started in January. The winter that followed in November of the same year was even colder. There was continuous freezing, as low as minus 17 degrees centigrade, for more than a month. We lost a lot of plants, but the loss of this one especially hurt.
This abutilon is a wall shrub that flowers for many months. It’s lovely, variegated, almost evergreen foliage, lasts even longer. For the botanically curious, the variegation is caused by a virus. Viruses normally cause plant disease. This ‘infection’ brings pure joy.

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