Thursday 12 July 2012

Plant of the week: Lyhnis coronaria

Lychnis coronaria

To many gardeners this is a delicate plant. To me it’s a thug. The kind of thug I like, it self seeds everywhere. I donate such seed from one of my gardens to another. These are gifts from Bolton Percy churchyard to Seaton Ross village plot. It was introduced by scattering seed on the bare ground. 
It has faired far too well in the cemetery at Worsbrough where there are hundreds of plants. A weed is a plant in the wrong place, so I spray it with glyphosate. That doesn’t always work, it just runs off the silky foliage. It is now taking over; funny how soil conditions make a dramatic difference to plant success.
I went to a garden centre the other day and could have bought a lychnis for a fiver. No thank you! You are welcome help yourself to seed in any of my gardens. But it is banned by Brenda at Boundary Cottage.

Look over the hedge of the Seaton Ross village plot and spot it.


  1. A good one to learn the weedkiller spraying technique then?!!!!

  2. hi anon, I know you are pushing me to reveal my methods and eventually I will. But let me repeat for most gardeners they will lead to disaster! I have learnt by many years of not always getting it completely right
    You will have to be patient but basically I spray on the weed and not the plants
    I hope to take you there gradually in a sequence of posts. The first I will explain why contrary to what many gardeners think glyphosate is very friendly to the environment. The second how gardeners can clear weedy land and only then look in detail at my methods. This blog attempts to look at all ramifications of minimum cultivation and is not meant to be just a promotion of spraying Many readers of this blog will never wish to spray but can still avoid digging!
    Thanks for the question it give me a chance to get one or two things off my chest.


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