Monday 9 July 2012

NGS Open Day - getting the garden ready

Boundary Cottage Open Day: Sunday 15th July

Job list - Six days to go!
  • Weed control. Spray weeds on village plot and at home.

  • Mulch-mow lawn. Have already mowed three times in last ten days.
  • Edge lawn.
  • Dead head and prune out wind damaged plants.
  • Hand pull sneaky epilobiums.
  • Cut out unwanted growth on border plants invading lawn.
  • Remove tired tubs to nursery.
  • Hoe vegetable garden, only if dry
  • Dress and label nursery plants.

I’m afraid that weed control is the only thing on the list that is done!

Brenda edging the lawn, shy to show her face. She says she is a fair weather gardener, not appearing if it’s wet, windy or cold. Not much help there then. And no dinner tonight! Long handled edging shears must be sharp.
It is hugely satisfying pulling out epilobiums.  Their seed comes in on the wind. Here the pink epilobium infiltrates the clump of yellow euphorbia.
Geranium cantabrigiense, is confined to its place. Every time I mow, I cut to the edge and the lawn is ‘boss’. This maintains the line of the borders as the mower ‘prunes’ the plants.

Finding Boundary Cottage
Directions are in the yellow book and on the NGS website. Sat Nav YO42 4NF to bring you to the door. But do not go quite there, go to Nev’s field, a few yards away. It’s clearly sign posted. Brother-in-law, Dave, will meet you there and point you in the right direction.


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