Monday 1 October 2012

Bolton Percy in October

Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ waiting for the bumblebees
What a gem, an ancient sundial
Hydrangeas have loved this summer’s rain
Cyclamen. Look at those lovely fat corms in the churchyard path
Herbaceous plants have Autumn colour too. Solomon’s Seal (spared by the sawfly).
Leaf-hopper and snail on white agapanthus. No ‘insecticides’ here.
Tricyrtis, the toad lily
Arum italicum pictum. The newly emerged foliage will last all winter
Eucomis, the pineapple plant, has been here for twenty five years


  1. Lovely photographs.

  2. Thanks Hayley
    Sometimes I cannot decide which pictures to use. This time I just used them all and scrapped the dialogue (until next month)

  3. I agree. Great pictures.

  4. I see you found the sundial!

    1. Thank you Frances for bringing it to my attention. I talked to a few Bolton Percy folk. Some like me, knew little about it. I would really appreciate it if you could tell us a little of its history?

    2. Not much IS known about the sundial Roger. It is said to be sixteenth century and is even mentioned in Pevsner. He just describes the limestone column and four-faced dial, but says nothing of it's maker. The surrounding lands have, in previous centuries, been owned by the Fairfax family, but even that link to the sundial is tenuous. It IS beautiful though!

  5. keep up the good work !

    if doing any events and in need of music or entertainers please get in touch.


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