Sunday 14 October 2012

Something for the weekend

Dew points

Examine carefully and identify


1. The camera slipped. It’s the golden torch cactus, Eriocactus leninghausii.  This is the least hardy of my outdoor cacti and I have today brought it into my unheated glasshouse where it will remain unwatered for the next four months.

2. A self-sown Dicentra formosa. This variety, ‘Bountiful’ comes almost true from seed.
3. Phlomis russeliana. Three foot high in May, now in October it makes beautiful ground cover.
4. If you have been reading my blog this will be easy. Just press this link.


  1. Not one of your best posts. I usually really look forward to them but it took all my time to understand what this one was about. I still don't.

    1. Sorry Jay. I try at the weekend to do something a little different. Thanks for your feedback, this was perhaps too zany! Good to hear you normally like my posts,

    2. Really nice macro pics though. Didn't really need the words!

  2. I have hugely enjoyed all your posts and really learnt a lot, thank you. Only one thing, I believe No. 3 to be Stachys Byzantina.

    1. It's a long time ago now Tom
      agree it's a dead ringer for stachys but I seem to remember it really was the herbaceous phlomis- its one of those cases where I know the plant in its normal tall form and the place where it sits in the garden
      students sometimes used to remember a plant because of where it was rather than what it looked like!


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